DOUNGURI participated James Storefront Donation Event!


We have participated “Beautiful You” event at James Storefront.  We donate a portion of our sales to this organization who serves kids in foster care from cribs to college.

The event was such a success!  We saw a lot of kid’s happy faces.  We will try to keep participating this kind of event as long as we can!

James Storefront

New family has been added~! ;)

Wood Table Top And Blurred bathroom Interior Background. For product display montage.

Come to check our new organic family out~! 😉

Mystery gift have arrived!

Mystery gift items have arrived!   They are sooooooooo cute and beautiful.

We will keep these goodies in our secret stash for you to enjoy with your tumbler….

eBook – Gourmet tea selection

We have created an eBook just for you!

Our eBook is packed full of information about gourmet teas that have been selected by fellow tea lovers!  We strongly believe that drinking good quality tea on a regular basis has excellent health benefits!  We hope you will come to enjoy tea as much as we do!

Package and Insert Design are in!

We are still in the production getting everything ready for you to enjoy our Tea Infused Tumbler.

Package design and insert design just got confirmed by our printer, it will take a bit more for us to receive everything we need.  We are so close!!

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