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Ceramic Tumbler – 14oz Black

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  • 1-USE 100% CERAMIC – Our ceramic bottle uses real ceramic, not “Coated Ceramic”. And only pure ceramic that is smooth and soft touches your drink and your lips. BPA free, toxin, chemical smell, and bacteria free. It will never rust or stained.
  • 2-ADMIRE NATURAL BEAUTY – This simple and elegant, sleek designed bottle will make everybody around you green with envy. And it is the lightest ceramic bottle made with real ceramic in the market. Extremely easy to clean and fits in your hand nice and cozy.
  • 3-TASTE YOUR DRINK AS ITS ORIGINAL FLAVOR – For flavor, ceramic is the best choice. It neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, leaving your drink to taste just as it should. Stainless steel and plastic may alter flavor of your drink, but not pure ceramic.
  • 4-RETAIN TEMPERATURE – Ceramic wall is covered by double walls of stainless steel will keep your drink hot for up to 3-4 H or icy cold for up to 8 H. If you are looking for a tumbler that holds the drink maximum temperature all day, this is not for you.
  • 5-SPLASH RESISTANT & SCRATCH RESISTANT- This vacuum lid will protect your drink from spilling. And powder coated outer paint is strongly protect outside from been scratched. Yet, powder coating is one of the most environmentally friendly way to coat a bottle.

74 in stock


Unique Tumbler that is made with Pure Ceramic and Stainless Steel to keep the temperature hot and cold!


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